Neurophysiological Outcomes

The Neurophysiology Laboratory

The Neurophysiology laboratory has modern equipment necessary to conduct non-invasive neurophysiological procedures on awake and mildly anesthetized animals. The laboratory contains the following available equipment:

  • Physiological equipment system for velocity-dependent ankle torque and time-locked EMG measurement (spasticity/rigidity measure) from awake animals
  • Physiological equipment system for Stretch Reflex/H-Reflex measurement for synaptic plasticity from mildly anesthetized animals.
  • Magstim Rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS) and Figure-Eight coil for non-invasive stimulation intregated and Transcranial magnetic motor- or sensory-evoked potentials.
  • Physiological equipment system for LTP/LDP measurement from hippocampal slice preparation for cognitive plasticity.
  • Numerous oscilloscopes (Tektronix D10, Tektronix TDS 220, Tektronix TDS 1002), stimulators and amplifiers (Grass), Master 8, Murphy Timer, ISO-Flex stimulus isolator) and many other electrophysiological equipment.
  • Two vibration isolation table (TMC), and tissue bath system (Harvard Apparatus),
  • Microelectrode pullers (David Kopf Instruments).
  • Acquisition and analysis of neurophysiology procedures hardware and software: LabView (National Instrument Inc.) and DataWave Technologies hardware and software.